Service & Repair

Vehicle downtime is critical to the towing and recovery industry. Time lost is revenue lost. WeldBuilt recognizes that “service” is vital to its customers and provides immediate repair service for all tow equipment. As a leading manufacturer we are able to expertly and expeditiously handle all hydraulic, lighting and steel related repairs. Since equipment breakdowns are often spontaneous, repair appointments are seldom necessary.

No matter what the make or model of equipment, we have the experience to help get the job done right. Our hydraulic specialists have years of experience in wrecker and carrier repair and can quickly diagnose and resolve all of your service needs. WeldBuilt mechanics do everything from preventative maintenance to full scale wrecker body repairs on all makes of new and used carriers, wreckers and trailers.

Our mechanics are highly skilled and up to date on all ANSI and OSHA safety and manufacturing requirements. Our state of the art truck paint booth can bring new life to your refurbished towing and recovery vehicles.

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